Arty Wiltsblood

Appeared In "Black Star"

Status Deceased (Killed by Hartley Bravenblade)

Classification Human / Professor


Stormvale University

Known Relatives

None Known


Arteus "Arty" Wiltsblood was the tenured history professor at Stormvale University in the city of Stormvale and the author of several historical textbooks, including A Brief History of Stormvale, used in virtually all history classes in the nation.


Some of his more controversial works, such as The Moral Implications of Living in a Savage Nation, and A Rational Criticism of the Hand of Kezia have caused legal issues on multiple occasions with both the Stormvale government and the church-affiliated Hand of Kezia.

Some of his critics have stated that he has used his respected position at the university to spread falsehoods about the government and national religion, but his supporters tend to see him more as a prophet, foretelling "Stormvale's inevitable collapse on itself under the weight of its misguided ideals" (Wiltsblood, 115, The Moral Implications of Living in a Savage Nation).