Bindle Bedrock

First Appearance "Dungeons and Doodies"

Status Alive

Classification Dwarf / Smith


House Abernathy

Known Relatives

Banwyn Bedrock

Season OneEdit

Bindle Bedrock first appeared in Dungeons and Doodies, where he was found assisting the Freelings in the infiltration of Blossom Prison. Bindle is a good friend of Grayson Abernathy, who affectionately refers to him as "Pops". Bindle was hired by the Freelings to tunnel through the base of the Spire into Blossom Prison. While traveling through the tunnel, the Spire was attacked by Lotus, and, in an attempt to protect the party, Bindle destroyed a part of the cavern, creating a wall of rubble between himself and Lotus, and the rest of the party. The party assumed he was dead, although he managed to fight his way out fairly easily.

In Are You Not Entertained?!, after the party fought through the arena, Bindle surprised them and acted as an official to wed Vaness Abernathy and Rilley Evilman.

In Indiana Drayn and the Raiders of the ELDRITCH BLAST!, Bindle returned from the Battle at the Cusp with several Golden Knights of Stormvale to assist the heroes and he partook in the Battle of Whetstone Castle against the Evergreen Army.

Season TwoEdit

In One Year Later, Bindle attended the reading of Jamanco's will at Abador Manor with the heroes. Interestingly, he seemed to be friendly towards Drayn Darksilver despite his known hatred for elves.

In See You In Another Life, Brotha, Bindle was the Captain of the enormous spaceship, the S.S Jamanco, in the alternate reality seemingly caused by the mysterious Dark Crystals.

In Pillars, Bindle, along with several Golden Knights, attempted to assassinate Daruq Darksilver and her band of Drow that were planning to attack the kingdom to retrieve her brother, Drayn. Instead, he was met by a confused Cecil Oakleaf, who burnt the Golden Knights to death and injured Bindle, burning all of his hair off with a powerful fireball.

In A Child for a Child, Bindle arrives to the battle against the Darksilvers missing most of his hair. He still proved himself in battle, however, mowing through a half dozen tentacle creatures or so with his mighty warhammer.

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