Dungeons and Doodies

Episode 3

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Recording Date

December 13th, 2014

Release Date

December 17rd, 2014


Time Travel

Headed towards Blossom Prison, the group passed through the Blood Field.  After crossing a shallow river, the gang was ambushed by a group of halflings known as the Freelings.  They coerced Grayson Abernathy, Gill the Fleet, and Searil Evilbane to sneak into Blossom Prison to save the rest of the captured halflings.

They explained that the warden of Blossom Prison, an old elven wizard by the name of Cypress Evergreen, was preparing for a ritual called the Convergence, in which he continually sent himself back in time to amass an army of clones.  They followed the halflings to the Spire, where Grayson's 'pops', Bindle Bedrock, had been tunneling into the sewers below Blossom Prison.  Bindle joins the three heroes and the delved into the tunnel leading to the sewers.  Hearing a raiding party of druids coming from the Spire, Bindle smashed his mighty warhammer on the side of the tunnel, sealing himself and the druids off from the rest of the heroes so they could carry on to Blossom Prison.

The band fought a sewer monster, which the heroes referred to as a "doodie elemental".  It almost killed Gill with its acid attack, but they were able to defeat the monster and recussitate him.  The gang climbed up into a bathroom through a hole in the floor of Blossom Prison and snuck into a large room filled with cells with halflings in them.  Searil attempted to cross a catwalk above one of the cells, but fell in and caught the attention of a wandering Cypress Evergreen who had re-kidnapped Jules Ameryn.

After a failed shanking attempt by Searil, Grayson and Gill attacked Cypress, but his powerful magics ensured his safety as he fled to complete the Convergence.  Kept busy with the guards and halflings prisoners, the gang was too late to stop the Convergence as most of Blossom Prison was destroyed in the ritual, and they were left looking out into a field with a massive gang of Evergreens running madly.

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