Season OneEdit

Episode 1: Introductions
Episode 2: I Need the EXPs
Episode 3: Dungeons and Doodies
Episode 4: Situational Comedy
Episode 5: ...Featuring the Riddler!
Episode 6: John Carpenter Ain't Got Nothin'
Episode 7: Some Things You Never Get Back
Episode 8: Are You Not Entertained?!
Episode 9: Storytellers
Episode 10: Peace Out
Episode 11: And You Were There! And You Were There!
Episode 12: Dead Kings and Open Coffins
Episode 13: Indiana Drayn and the Raiders of the ELDRITCH BLAST!
Episode 14: Who Wants to Live Forever?
Episode 15: The Heroes of the Highrealm

Season TwoEdit

Episode 16: One Year Later
Episode 17: Indiana Drayn and the Temple of Dwarven Jerks
Episode 18: See You In Another Life, Brotha
Episode 19: Les Chansons de nos Héros
Episode 20: No Cure
Episode 21: Illegal Eagles
Episode 22: Undercover Brothers
Episode 23: Long Live the King
Episode 24: Indiana Drayn and the Candy Factory
Episode 25: Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall
Episode 26: It's Gonna Take a Lot to Drag Me Away from You
Episode 27: You Can Never Go Home Again
Episode 28: Waterworld 2
Episode 29: Pillars
Episode 30: A Child for a Child

Season ThreeEdit

Episode 31: I Wish I May, I Wish I Might
Episode 32: Quest for Convention
Episode 33: Cecil's Rival Wants to Battle
Episode 34: Pipe Dream
Episode 35: Searil in Wonderland
Episode 36: Temple of the Chroma Gods
Episode 36.5: Goodbye Grey Sky
Episode 37: It's All in Your Head
Episode 38: Necessary Roughness
Episode 39: A Giftsmas Carol
Episode 40: Come at Me, Bro
Episode 41: The Green Dahlia
Episode 42: May the Stone Be with You
Episode 43: Tumbling Down
Episode 44: Further Down
Episode 45: Break on Through to the Other Side

Season FourEdit

Episode 46: Another Year Gone

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