I Need the EXPs

Episode 2

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Recording Date

November 29th, 2014

Release Date

December 3rd, 2014



The party had adjusted to the lifestyle at Jamanco's Adventure Emporium in the few weeks since their first assignment. During their Thanka Thanka Burning Love holiday dinner, Jamanco barged in with a mission. He told the party that the top wizard in the office's research division, Jules Ameryn, had been kidnapped by Lotus, the band of druids, and introduced the group to Black, the last heir of the Horselords.

Black took the party to Blossom Prison in the land of Farfield, first passing through Thorngate where they were accosted by a dryad. Despite Searil Evilbane being smitten with her, they battled for passage through the gate. After almost slaying the creature, she charmed Grayson Abernathy to get the party away from her as she let the group through the massive gate.

After passing into Farfield, the party realized that the land was much nicer and more prosperous than the land in the Highrealm. Shortly afterwards, they found a wagon with members of Lotus, wearing yellow and pink face paint, shooting arrows made of bone. One druid turned into a bear and one into a snake, and they were eventually dispatched by the group.

After killing the druids, the party opened a coffin that they found on the wagon containing a little girl with red hair. After seeing that she seemed to be in a magically-induced sleep, they destroyed the runes on the coffin and the girl began to die. They then quickly rebuilt the rune and she became stable again. They then loaded the coffin onto their wagon and headed towards Blossom Prison.

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