Episode 1

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Recording Date

November 14th, 2014

Release Date

December 3rd, 2014



The show began in the Highrealm, a large and prosperous region in the west, as the newly-formed party introduced themselves to Jamanco, who gave them their first assignment. Searil Evilbane, Grayson Abernathy, and Gill the Fleet, after introducing themselves, were tasked with ridding Jamanco's cellar of the rats that had been stealing his big wheels of cheese.

Along the way they fought giant moths, approximately the size of a large pizza. After dispatching the moths, the gang found a mystical spell that demanded they spill their darkest secret in order to progress. Searil revealed his hidden attraction to Gill, Grayson revealed that he once rode a pig while naked except for a cowboy hat, and Gill revealed that he once lost his house to a young child in a game of Dragonchess.

After continuing through the pathway, they heard the sound of metal clanging against metal, but before they could reach the source of the noise, they had to acrobatically move past portions of the hallway covered with incredibly sticky goo.  Despite Gill's nimbleness, he fell into the goo and was saved by Grayson and Searil, and the group eventually reached the open area of the cellar, finding the rat problem: a heavy metal band called Dire Ratt, comprised of two skeletons: Jimmy Slim and Eddie Von Boner, as well as Muley the mule, playing the drums.

After learning that Dire Ratt was waiting for their frontman, Jozzy, Searil cast a spell to impersonate him, but was quickly found out and they engaged in battle.  With few injuries except those to Grayson's beautiful blonde hair, the gang slayed Dire Ratt and Jamanco's wheels of cheese were saved.