Classification Goddess

Status Omnipotent




Kezia is the Twin-Headed Goddess of Fate and Infinity. It is said that both heads together spent eternity weaving the cosmos and all events that have or ever will transpire, and that all time as we know it is simply occurring within Kezia's infallible memory of her stitching the universe together.


Kezia, according to the Sacred Writ of Kezionism, is both omnipotent and omnipresent. It is told in the scriptures that she, her Seven Soldiers, and the fighters of the Aether will smite the evils of the world in one grand battle at the end of time, known as the Day of Absolution.

Seven SoldiersEdit

According to the Sacred Writ of Kezionism, Kezia's Seven Soldiers are powerful demigods that were once human, but achieved ascension due to their complete and total devotion to Kezionism. The writ calls them by many different names, but the accepted names for the seven are: Ialdabaoth, Iao, Sabaoth, Astaphaios, Adonaios, Ailoein, and Horaios. It is said that they will rule at her side after the end of time, keeping peace and tranquility throughout the land.