Season One

Primary Antagonist Cypress Evergreen

First Episode Introductions

Last Episode The Heroes of the Highrealm

Beginning Date

December 3rd, 2014

Ending Date

July 29th, 2015


Season One primarily followed the employees of Jamanco's Adventure Emporium and their attempts to thwart the evil wizard, Cypress Evergreen from waging war on the region known as the Highrealm. The three heroes, Grayson Abernathy, Gill the Fleet, and Searil Evilbane, worked for Jamanco, a quirky talking cat who started his own adventure business to find a cure for the cat curse that was put upon him by a witch.

Grayson joined the business for similar reasons: to find a cure for his Aether Animal, a winged dog named Gabe, who had become cursed years prior. Gill joined seemingly to just make extra coin, although Jamanco's stinginess yielded little cash. Lastly, Searil joined simply to become a better adventurer.